Effective Rheumatoid Arthritis Antibody Treatment Identified From Company’s Antibody Generation Technologies and Mouse Modelling, Showcasing At Bayer

22 November 2011: ModiQuest Research, Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Jos Raats, CEO of ModiQuest has been invited to Bayer, Germany on 22 November to give a seminar on their novel, effective antibody-based treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The discoveries were made as a result of ModiQuest Research’s state-of-art proprietary technology platforms for efficient antibody generation, antibody cloning and reformatting, stable cell line development and antibody production facilities. These were used in combination with the company’s own highly effective rheumatoid arthritis mouse model, to identify and characterise promising antibody preclinical candidates. First and second generation mouse and human monoclonal antibodies have been identified and characterised as being able to slow or halt the onset and progression of arthritis in preclinical studies.

Together with early diagnostic testing which is already on the market, the discoveries by ModiQuest herald new possibilities for rheumatoid arthritis treatment that can be applied before the onset of clinical symptoms and irreversible joint damage. For established rheumatoid arthritis, the group demonstrated that these new antibodies have the potential to significantly decrease arthritis symptoms, in combination with current anti-inflammatory treatments.

For further information, contact Jos Raats, CEO ModiQuest, at jraats@modiquestresearch.com.