How We Work

ModiQuest focuses on offering high-quality custom antibody generation and development solutions fully tailored to the needs and interests of its clients and partners.

In case of antibody generation projects we first start with an in-depth discussion during a conference call or face-to-face meeting about the target of interest.  Based on information about the target itself, past antibody generation efforts and the targeted application, we discuss together with the client possible antibody generation strategies that can be applied by ModiQuest.  Once the most appropriate technology approaches have been agreed upon and integrated into a project proposal, the project is initiated.

Typically, our project plans are structured in phases with relevant go/no-go decision points.  At pre-defined stages during the execution of the project, the client has the option to decide whether or not to proceed with the current project, and/or to apply alternative approaches.  In this way, we can work together with our clients in the most flexible, cost-efficient and result-oriented way.

A very important factor to ensure a successful execution and completion of our projects is a direct and transparent communication between all parties involved.  Before the start of each project, a detailed protocol plan is prepared and agreed upon, while during the project execution itself, frequent updates are provided to our clients allowing close monitoring and/or rapid adaptation of projects. Upon completion of each project, a detailed report is provided to the client.