Antigen Selection

antigen selection

ModiQuest develops antibodies to different types of target antigens and with specific characterizations like:

  • Peptides
  • Peptide mimetics
  • Proteins
  • Fusion proteins
  • Anti-idiotype
  • Membrane proteins
  • Receptor binding (blocking/activating)
  • Cross-reactivity between homologous proteins from different species, (i.e. human and Cynomolgus)
  • Highly specific for post translational modification (e.g. phospho-proteins)
  • Specific for native configuration of a protein for targeting or FACS
  • IHC reactive

For this process it is essential to select the correct domains of your target antigen. ModiQuest’s modeling team has developed different strategies to select the correct domains of your target antigen (e.g. in silico modeling) and combine these antigens with the optimized immunization routes in different species.

For the generation of antibodies against the native conformation of membrane-spanning proteins, ModiQuest uses its ModiVacc technology. The ModiVacc cell line is a lymphoid tumor cell line containing specific co-factors and is used to stably express the membrane protein of interest. The membrane protein-expressing ModiVacc cells are subsequently used as an immunogen for the immunization of mice.

All our antigen selection services are accessible on a fee-for-service (royalty-free) basis. For more information about our antigen selection, timing and pricing, please contact us.