Antibody Production (ModiXpress™)

Hybridoma antibody production

After the generation of monoclonal antibodies via ModiFuse™ and ModiSelect™, we offer antibody production and purification up to gram scale.

Transient expression

After the generation of monoclonal antibodies via ModiFuse™, ModiSelect™ and ModiPhage™, we offer up to gram scale (~300mg/L) transient production of the generated antibodies using our in-house optimized expression platform, ModiXpress™.

Stable cell line production

Our stable cell line generation service offeres the generation of stable high-level antibody producing cell lines via our optimized expression platform, ModiXpress™, ClonePix FL technology and MTX amplification.


All our antibody development services are accessible on a fee-for-service (royalty-free) basis.  For more information about our production capabilities, timing and pricing, please contact us.