Using our proprietary ModiFuse™, ModiSelect™, ModiPhage™,  ModiXpress™, ModiTune™ technologies, we can generate, produce and optimize monoclonal antibodies from various backgrounds such as mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, llama and human against virtually any target.


  • Native protein conformation
  • Very strong immune response
  • Applicable for low-immunogenic targets
  • Various genetic immunization technologies (Tattoo, HTV, Gene gun)
  • Immunization of complex target classes (e.g. GPCRs & ion channels)
  • Available in mice, rats, rabbits, llamas and transgenics
  • Proprietary hybridoma-electrofusion technology
  • >15 times higher efficiency compared to PEG-fusion
  • Applicable for all standard antigen targets
  • Proprietary  B-cell selection technology
  • Applicable for all antigens including low-immunogenic or difficult antigen targets
  • Rabbit, mouse, llama, human
  • Phage display library production & screening
  • ModiQuest human libraries (naive and disease)
  • ModiQuest naive llama libraries (VHH and scFv)
  • Custom immune libraries: chicken, mouse, rabbit, llama, human
  • Applicable for all antigens including non-immunogenic and toxic antigens
  • In house optimized expression platform
  • Up to gram scale production (up to 300 mg/L)
  • Stable cell line generation
  • Chimerization
  • Affinity maturation
  • Humanization