ModiFuse™: proprietary hybridoma platform

The ModiFuse™ technology is based on our proprietary electrofusion platform for generating large numbers of hybridomas which allows for rapid and efficient generation of monoclonal antibodies against virtually any target. This technique is combined with optimized immunization protocols, a wide variety of mouse and rat strains, and semi-automated screening facilities.

Unique features and advantages:

  • More than 15 times more hybridomas compared to traditional PEG-fusion
  • Better reproducibility compared to traditional PEG-fusion
  • Less animals required compared to traditional PEG-fusion
  • Scalable to screen up to 50.000 hybridomas from one spleen
  • Allows for generation of therapeutic and diagnostic leads, and specialized reagents such as anti-idiotypic antibodies
  • Full size antibody available after procedure

The ModiFuse™ technology is accessible on a fee-for-service (royalty-free) basis.  For more information about the ModiFuse™ technology, protocols, timing and pricing, please contact us.