ModiGene™ proprietary genetic immunization platform

ModiGene™ is a novel immunization platform for the generation of monoclonal antibodies against challenging and difficult to express conformation-sensitive targets, including complex protein classes such as ion channels and GPCRs. Within a DNA immunization approach, the antigens will be expressed in vivo in the animal and thereby go through the post-transcriptional modification process and therefore the antigens maintain their naïve conformation. DNA immunization is much more efficient when compared with traditional protein-based immunizations, since it evades the time-consuming requirement to express and purify the immunogens.

ModiVacc timeline

The genetic immunization platform is available in three different approaches: our proprietary dermal tattooing method, hydrodynamic tail vein injection, and gold gene gun. After immunization monoclonal antibodies can be generated by hybridoma generation using our electrofusion method ModiFuse™, or via our B-cell selection method ModiSelect™, or via our phage library generation and selection method ModiPhage™.

The ModiGene™ technology is accessible on a fee-for-service (royalty-free) basis. For more information about the ModiGene™ technology, protocols, timing and pricing, please contact us.