ModiSelect™: proprietary B-cell selection platform

The ModiSelect™ approach is a proprietary technology based on the selection and clonal expansion of antigen specific B-cells isolated from spleen or lymph nodes of immunized animals or humans, followed by immortalization of antigen specific B cells through the highly efficient ModiFuse™ technology, or by direct cloning of the individual antibody heavy and light chains from single B-cell cultures into a recombinant expression system. The ModiSelect™ approach is capable of rescuing very high numbers of antigen-specific B cells induced in animals or humans, enabling to uncover unique antibodies with pre-specified characteristics and functions.

Unique features and advantages:

  • Generation of high affinity antibodies
  • Selection of large numbers of antigen-positive cells
  • Generation of monoclonals with predefined function and characteristics
  • Generation of monoclonals from many different species
  • More effective generation of therapeutic and diagnostic leads, and specialized reagents i.e. for batch release assays (e.g. anti-idiotypic antibodies) that ensure effective production and clinical testing of novel antibody therapeutics

The ModiSelect™ technology is accessible on a fee-for-service (royalty-free) basis.  For more information about the ModiSelect™ technology, protocols, timing and pricing, please contact us.