ModiVacc™: proprietary hyper-immune stimulatory cell immunization platform

ModiVacc™ is a novel platform to generate high affinity antibodies specific for intractable drug targets such as low immunogenic membrane spanning proteins. This highly successful approach has already demonstrated that large panels of antibodies recognizing a broad variety of epitopes can be generated to difficult, low immunogenic membrane proteins.

The ModiVacc™ approach is a proprietary technology based on the immunization of live ModiVacc cells in mice. The Modivacc cell line is lymphoid tumor cell line containing specific co-factors and is used to stably express the membrane protein of interest. The immunization of live ModiVacc cells does result in an initial expansion of the tumor cells in the mice and induces a very strong immune response against the membrane protein-expressing ModiVacc-cells. This immune response ultimately results in the clearance of the expanding tumor cells after 10-14 days. Subsequently, monoclonal antibodies can be generated by hybridoma generation using our electrofusion method ModiFuse, or via our B-cell selection method ModiSelect, or via our phage library generation and selection method ModiPhage.

Bioluminescence image of immunized mice. After initial outgrowth, ModiVacc tumor cells are cleared from the mice.
(Image courtesy of UMCU)