ModiXpress™: proprietary in-house expression platform

ModiQuest’s proprietary in house antibody expression platform, ModiXpress™, is developed for rapid and high expression of recombinant antibodies in mammalian cells. ModiXpress™ is applicable for transient antibody production up to gram scale (~300mg/L) and for the generation of stable cell lines expressing client’s antibody. Using ClonePixFL technology, we are able to select the high expressing clones in an early phase of the project.

Unique features and advantages

  • cost efficient
  • different Fc-species; human, mouse, rabbit, chicken
  • different isoforms
  • human Fc mutations for optimized effector functions, i.e. for increased/decreased binding for FcRn/FcγR


The ModiXpress™ technology is accessible on a fee-for-service (royalty-free) basis. For more information about the ModiXpress™ technology, protocols, timing and pricing, please contact us.